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This is a Test the Waters Campaign

Payzel is considering a crowdfunding campaign; this page is meant to gather feedback and interest before we formally launch an offering and no funds can be accepted at this point. Your input is helpful in crafting the formal investment program.

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Test the Waters
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January 1st, 2023

Which industry is still growing through recession or down-turn in the US economy and is expected to continue to do so in the next 20 years?  Cannabis.

Being that cannabis is still federally illegal, it can make it challenging for investment in the space. What if there was a publicly traded company that needed banking services for 1900 of its hydroponics stores and there was a nimble firm making that possible behind the scenes? Then an investor could get involved in the hydroponics industry (100% legally) and still capture some of the massive growth available.

Payzel was formed to solve banking / finance related issues in hydroponics as well as other frontier market spaces and we have been doing just that.

The Problem

We are solving hard-to-bank industry issues revolving around the risk associated in banking / lending that traditional banks will never touch.  Industries like, autonomous vehicles, government military contracts, hydroponics and self sustaining homes. Industries we all know are up-and-coming but yet lack financial institutions willing to take the risk.

World-changing technologies are hampered by lack of financial services. Did you know that there is currently research being done at Harvard with micro drones, using CBD, a derivative of THC (cannabis) for pancreatic cancer destruction?  Are you aware that cannabis has treated seizures in children? Did you know that autonomous vehicles can be used in closed loop environments now like theme parks? However, none of this is possible if they can’t get funding or a proper place to manage their money. 

Payzel is impacting future industries needed in this world and we are doing it today!

The Opportunity

Venture capital firms lack the ability to execute deals on an on-going basis and typically want equity.

Private funds are not set up to handle the regulatory issues, or the paperwork required to keep deals in certain industries alive. And defense related contracts are totally different than autonomous vehicles for Disney Land but both just as difficult. 
 We have now developed on-boarding technology that will process loans or originate "clients" faster and stronger than what currently exists today.

With just Hawthorne (Scotts Miracle Grow) we have the potential to be a 200 million-dollar company. As we add on other industries, we continue to expand the pool of which we can profitably loan to.  Our first customers are now banked and we have recently begun lending. Our belief is that we will end the year far ahead of our projections. This will take Payzel from $250,000 per year to well over $1,000,000 in revenue in 2022.  2023 is predicted to grow almost 5x that size with the right technology in place, which has taken us nearly 6 months to build.
 Now fully tested and ready to deploy, we seek expansion funds to add on sales people and grow.

Regional meetings with the more than 60 sales reps at our existing customer start in July. Each event will be marketing and sales driven. Our team will be hosting sales trainings in regions all over the US for the development of on going sales into the customer base that already exists. Our client has 1900 retail locations of which those 60 sales reps call into.  Our effort now will be to secure the on-going financial lending contracts needed to really drive this program forward. Each representative will be working with someone inside Payzel to assure loans are processed quickly and funds move within days.

Our Solution

We bring frontier markets banking and financial services such as; lending, factoring and leasing.  Elon Musk’s leasing company is a client of ours. They wanted to get into cannabis and we assisted them in not only finding a leasing-friendly bank for the space, but additional customers for them.  We solve the issue with the largest network of banks, specifically in higher risk profile markets, and technology that drives the right customer to those locations.  Our unique AI based consumer screening system utilizes voice-pattern technology that assists the lending decision-making process.  Simply put - you talk to our system and it determines how great of a risk you are to lend to. A first in the entire industry and possibly the US.

Business Model

We have multiple revenue streams from banking institutions related to the financial products we are speaking about. Leasing, for instance, could be for the term of the lease, or a one time fee paid, depending on the client structure.  Lending could be on the first deal, or recurring if the client determines they need funding over a period of time.

We currently have three funding sources and will continue to add complimentary services that help our clients gain access to better financial institutions to fit their needs.

Our margins range from 5% to 20% on deals thus far. One client has an existing agreement where our first opportunity should close 20 systems each, of which Payzel would profit $24k on each sold.


The largest hydroponics provider in the US is already our customer. We have been able to facilitate banking for their customers who have been without for 20 years.  This is a public firm who currently has us under an exclusive agreement to provide these services to 1900 locations. We have only had the bandwidth to tackle less than 10 stores to date. We need sales people!

Our second client has utilized our banking network to set up mortgages for homes they are building that are 100% self contained pods that float on the ocean.  They are clearly a different market segment and needed specific banking which they could not secure on their own.

The third client has a drone that swims and flies - This drone is extremely special, and we are currently in the process of securing contracts with major military groups.  This has been a great learning experience for both firms and we believe this relationship will continue into the future because of our commitment to success and belief in this technology.

Our revenue to-date comes from our main client’s in securing bank accounts which will continue to grow, and the lending portion of revenue kicks off in July this year. Hence our working with groups like SPPX to expedite our introduction to the right people looking for opportunities like ours.

We have done under a million to date in 2022, but we will clear over 200k without any further sales this year.  The roll-out of the loan builder program in July will add 5k- 10k per store on the locations we process in just August. Considering we will be in talks with 20 stores by the end of June, we believe we could add 50 -100k of revenue and 3- 6k in on-going revenue from those locations alone.

Customer Testimonials

Payzel solved a 20 year problems in 2 months - CFO of Scotts Miracle Grow

Payzel got us banking when no other firm said they could do it for our sustainable homes - CEO

Payzel was able to find us leasing options and companies to work with when other firms failed. CEO Doeringer Fleet (Elon Musks first leasing firm)

Previous Funding

150k HOLT Exchange - largest Fintech group in Canada 400 investors

80k Friesen Fund -  Still currently investing to 400k total debt note. 80k paid.

75k Founder - Initial funds in and still today investing.



Our founder wrote the first-ever white paper on cannabis banking as the Chairman of the Banking and Legal committee for the NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) and then worked with hundreds of banks to create the movement of over 2 billion dollars of cannabis cash to the federal reserve. He also attended Harvard's Financial Technologies program to fully understand banking in the near future.  Lastly he has started, sold, or been part of 4 exits.  Failure and triumph have been part of the background on the entire team.

CEO is a prior startup founder who created a large cannabis distribution firm in OR where is was part of the market compression and as the market changed so too did the model.  Prior experience with four startups as well in unrelated industries.

Chief Administrative Officer has grown in three previous startups with one being sold to Boeing for 330 million dollars. Having been part of the original team twice in startups she knows the path forward and has been growing companies for the last decade. Prior experience in Fortune 500 companies and ground level boiler room discussions daily. She's a warrior who knows this is the right space for people to really find financial solutions to real challenging industries.

Chief Strategy Advisor - Serial entrepreneur with multiple firms in Canada in the energy sector as well as crypto currency and alternative energy segments. Employees over 400 in Canada today.

Legal Counsel- Fought the state of California for the return of the single largest cannabis and cash seizure return and won. Numerous legal battles related to the proper transportation and banking of cannabis. Over 20 year veteran of banking incredibly hard industries.

Advisory Board -

Head of Fintech platforms HARVARD University

Head of Holt Foundation, strong private family fund who founded Royal Bank of Canada

Prior CEO of a public financial services firm in the cannabis space.

Use Of Funds

Minimum Amount Raised

Immediately add 4 sales people to cover the entire US.  2 pre-sales and 2 sales executives.

Sales commission schedule should allow 2 full-time people to make over 200k in 2022 with solid execution as we only have 5 months left in the year but a pipeline full of potential clients to close!

Add full time marketing / social media firm at $1500 a month to drive online application process

Add 2 people to the IT team part time until we have all systems fully integrated.

Bring two part-time people more hours and possibly 1 full time depending on performance.

Target Amount Raised  - 500k

Pre-sales rep salary 45k each or 90k - $7500 mnth

Salaries for sales reps 75k each or 150k - $12,500 mnth

IT and related $1500 + marketing budget of 6k a month - total $7500

Right sizing the team with salary changes, 10k a month divide to bring salaries up to market cost.

Legal $6k monthly starting in August 2022

$43,500 a month or $522,000 yearly.

We should see results on these sales efforts within the first 90 days

Maximum Amount Raised  > $500k

With anything over 500k in investment we believe we could be making strategic investments into technological advancements that will add speed to loan origination.  Right now with our current voice activated loan origination we have cut the speed to originate a loan by 30% and hope to have loans processed upwards of 50% faster than today's current technology by the first quarter of 2023. If we raise the 500k, our sales goals will match our projections. If we add more technology to this fireball, we then add more sales and drive revenue faster. It will only be used for additional technology adds and hands on deck to facilitate deal flow.


We should achieve breakeven by year end 2022.  That will be a milestone that blows most estimations out of the water in a highly risk sensitive industry like hydroponics. The industry is down in total overall sales volume as the glut in cannabis growth has slowed farmers from planting more. This should drive sales down for hydroponics firms yet we are growing through it? How? We keep correcting the companies who have never had banking relationships and foster new lending with those who had no financials in the past. Coupled with new farms or growth still continuing to happen. Both sides of the market are growing and will continue to add momentum.  Investment now in our space is a risk but with the market about to implode on other industries, the upside of cannabis really does exist.

Return On Investment

Depending on the investment vehicle, the investor’s decision will determine how the return on investment is made.

Our goal is to reach 5 million in sales by the end of December 20th 2023. That is a monstrous goal that we believe is achievable with the investment and sales team development needed now. With that sales milestone we believe we will have an acquisition potential and will seek to become an even better target by the 4th year with sales over 15 million.  At that stage - only judging by existing company comparables, the general rule of the market - 10x revenue or 150 million for a software fintech platform.  We believe with sales at 15 million by year four that uptick in revenue will lead acquisition targets within that time frame.

Disclosure: this page represents Testing The Waters materials.

  1. No funds or other consideration is being solicited, and if money is sent, it will not be accepted by the company; 
  2. No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and
  3. A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.

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